GTA 6 Leaks says that the Game will Feature Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies for Mission Payments

GTA 6 Leaks says that the Game will Feature Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies for Mission Payments

GTA 6 leaks are something that will continue to arrive until the game comes out and every day the leakers have something new to offer. The Grand Theft Auto games are usually centered around the real world and try to be as realistic as possible by following the latest trends.

There is a new rumor suggesting that GTA 6 will feature Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for some secret mission payments. The claim also debunks the leaks that GTA 6 timeline would be set in the 80s as bitcoins are a modern thing.

GTA 6 will have Cryptocurrency as Mission Payment?

GTA 6 latest leaks have come from the insider Tom Henderson who said the game will feature cryptocurrency. Henderson made a tweet that says some missions will give you bitcoins instead of cash as payment. The stock market feature along with cryptocurrency broker will be added to GTA 6 and it will be a huge selling point for crypto.

GTA 5 introduced the in-game stock market where players could invest money they earned and see its value go up or down. Apart from that, players could also kill a company executive to increase the value of rival company stocks. Henderson further explained that bitcoin payments will come from higher characters in GTA 6 that don’t want the cash to be traced.

GTA 6 Development Updates

GTA 6 is rumored to be set in the 80s, some leaks say that the game will take place in Vice City and the latest bitcoin leaks claim it will be set in modern times. But nothing about the Grand Theft Auto 6 has been confirmed as Rockstar Games has not even officially announced the game. It might be true that GTA 6 is in development, but fans should not hope much as it will take a long time to come out.

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