GTA 6 Map Updates: New Leak Suggests that Rio de Janeiro as one of the Possible Cities

GTA 6 Map Updates: New Leak Suggests that Rio de Janeiro as one of the Possible Cities

GTA 6 new map leaks suggest that the game might take place in Rio de Janeiro island located in Brazil. There have been plenty of GTA 6 map leaks and each one of them shows a bunch of islands with possible locations from Vice City to London.

However, nothing is sure about which city will be featured in the next Grand Theft Auto game as the leaks can’t be verified. Here are more details on the new GTA 6 map that hints at Rio de Janeiro as one of the possible cities in the game.

GTA 6 Map Leaks for Rio de Janeiro

GTA 6 map leaked on Reddit has been compared with the real-life counterparts and the closest approximation for the bottom island in Rio de Janeiro. However, there is a large ocean between the two cities and it has divided the fanbase.

The bottom city is RIO DE JANEIRO in the leaked maos from GTA6

Some of them are saying that it would be good to use boats and planes to move between the cities and others are saying that fast travel must be an option. GTA 5 has both Los Santos and North Yankton as locations and hence the same can happen with GTA 6 too. Although, most of the fans are skeptical about Rio de Janeiro as GTA 6 location as there are hardly any drug trade or violence stories for the city.

GTA 6 Release Date Updates

GTA 6 release date is still a few years far away as evident from most of the reports. There are no solid updates on the game development and most of the leaks suggest that the game is in very early stages. Further, the new versions of GTA 5 and GTA Online are still slated to release for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and hence it will surely take some time.

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