GTA 6 Release Date Delay: PS5 Reveal of Enhanced ‘GTA V’ hints Game won’t be out Soon

GTA 6 Release Date Delay- PS5 Reveal of Enhanced 'GTA V' hints Game won't be out Soon

GTA 6 release date should have been announced at the PS5 Reveal event when Rockstar made its presentation at the event. However, it was revealed that Rockstar has made several enhancements to the older GTA V for PlayStation 5 to match the specs of the next-gen consoles.

It means that GTA 6 won’t come out anytime soon as the game studio is still working on improving the already released GTA game. GTA 6 launch won’t happen in 2021 for sure as Rockstar is still improving GTA V for the PS5 console.

GTA 6 Release Date won’t Happen in 2021 for Sure

GTA 6 Release Date won't Happen in 2021 for Sure

GTA 6 fans were left heartbroken when Rockstar announced that they are still focusing on GTA V as their main title at the moment. Rockstar revealed that they are not just bringing GTA 5 to the PS5 console, but have an expanded and enhanced version for the game. Grand Theft Auto 5 for PlayStation 5 will have several technical upgrades, graphics improvements and will fully utilize the computing power of PS5 console.

Rockstar has promised that GTA V will look and feel amazing on the next-gen console and gamers will experience like a playing a totally new game. But the sad part is that the new version of GTA V for PlayStation 5 will come out in the second half of 2021, which means there is no way GTA 6 comes out next year. The maximum fans can hope is that GTA 6 trailer is released when GTA V enhanced version is actually launched.

Why is Rockstar not working on GTA 6?

Why is Rockstar not working on GTA 6?

GTA 6 launch should have happened by now as it has been around seven years since the last game in the series was released. However, GTA 5 has been one of the best-selling games with more than 130 million copies sold out. It is the main reason why Rockstar is still milking the success of GTA V and not working on GTA 6 at the moment. Fans are hoping it is the last upgrade on GTA V and the next announcement from Rockstar is regarding GTA 6 release date, gameplay, and features.

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