GTA 6 Release Date To Be Announced at Sony’s PlayStation Awards?

GTA 6 Announced

It has been over six years since GTA 5 came around and fans of the game have gotten used to the maps of that game as well adjusted they are to their own neighborhood! Fans have been demanding a release date for GTA 6 for quite some time now, but in typical Rockstar fashion, the company has maintained a tight silence over when their next major release is going to come out. However, could this change at the Sony PlayStation Awards?

GTA 6 Release Date

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GTA 6 To be Announced at Sony PlayStation Awards?

The 3rd of December would mark 25 years since the first PlayStation from Sony came out. However, to make this event even more special, Sony might actually be working on a special plan to announce that GTA VI release date is finally confirmed – and it might even be exclusive to PlayStation 5 for the first few months!

GTA 6 Release

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been in the news for some time now, with its new modern U-shaped design and a new controller. What could make it even better is the fact that the company might just announce the biggest game release of 2020 to be an exclusive on their platform, at least for the initial phase!

When Will GTA 6 Release?

GTA 6 Details Info

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Based on the fact that Sony’s PlayStation 5 will come out sometime in Q4 2020, we expect that GTA 6 will also be released around the same time, perhaps maybe on the same day as the PS5 too! Stay tuned with us for more updates on this.

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