GTA 6 Release Date Updates: Rockstar Games hiring Testers hints 2 Years Wait for the Title

GTA 6 Release Date Updates: Rockstar Games hiring Testers hints 2 Years Wait for the Title

GTA 6 release date is something that everyone wants to know and even the smallest hints about the game make the biggest news. It has been around 8 years since the previous installment GTA V came out and everyone has been waiting for GTA VI since then.

Rockstar Games is generally very secretive about the sixth Grand Theft Auto installment, but there have been certain leaks that keeps revealing some sort of information about the game. There is a new job listing report that shows Rockstar Games are hiring testers for an upcoming title and it clearly hints that fans will have to wait for 2 more years for the GTA 6 game release.

Rockstar Games are Hiring Testers for GTA 6

As per the latest reports on ‘The National’ website, Rockstar is looking to hire new game testers for their Edinburgh office and they will receive an annual salary of £23,000 (~$31,900). While the name GTA 6 was nowhere clearly mentioned in the report, fans are sure that it is related to the GTA 6 game and the title will be announced shortly.

The popular movie leaker ViewerAnon made it clear that game testing can happen years before the official launch date and that is kind of true. Rockstar hiring GTA 6 game testers doesn’t mean that it will come out this year and it will still take more than two years for the Game’s internal release window.

GTA 6 Release Date Updates

GTA 6 release date could be set in late 2023 as per ViewerAnon and even that is not fixed. It is kind of an internal date set by Rockstar Games for the GTA VI launch and that could easily get delayed. Most of the high-caliber games have been delayed recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the same could affect GTA 6 release date too.

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