Guava Island: Rihanna and Donald Glover’s musical film review


The much-awaited Rihanna and Donald Glover starrer short film, Guava Island, is out and fans reactions are all over the social media.

Guava Island is a musical film starring Rihanna and Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino. This was a secret project but now the curtains are up and the movie is available for fans.

Donald Glover is playing the role of Deni Maroon who is a musician and wants to put up for the citizens of Guava. He also has a girlfriend Kofi which is played by Rihanna.

Letitia Wright, who is famous for her role of Shuri in the Marvel cinematic universe, plays Rihanna’s best friend in the movie.

Guava Island starring Rihanna and Childish Gambino was released on 13 April

Guava Island: Spoilers ahead

The movie was released on 13th April by the Amazon studios on Amazon Prime Video.

Guava Island starts with an animated voiceover of Kofi played by Rihanna who introduces the origin of Guava Island. Kofi and Deni played by Donald Grover live together. The first scene sees Deni tuning a guitar.

Deni is a famous musician in the town and greeted by people on the streets for his work. Further, in the movie, Deni gets kidnapped by the governing family of the town, Red Cargo. He bribes him to back off from the festival but when Deni denies he breaks his guitar.

In between, Kofi becomes pregnant but she did not tell this to Deni.

In the end, Deni decides to do the festival which everyone was looking for and plays “Saturday”. The story took an unexpected turn when the show gets interrupted by gunshots in which Deni gets killed.

Fans expected Rihanna to sing in the movie but this turned out to be a rumour. The musical movie is a beautiful tale between two music lovers. Stay tuned for more details about upcoming movies.

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