Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Split Rumours: The Co-Judges Already Fighting After Getting Engaged Recently?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani is engaged to her The Voice co-judge Blake Shelton. Just last month, they announced their engagement over Instagram, after a five year relationship. And now there are rumours that the couple is fighting already.

Is Prenup An Issue?

Apparently, the newly engaged couple has hit a block over a prenup. Their journey is just beginning and things are already on a downward spiral. The two have been, supposedly, arguing nonstop about money and property, ever since they got engaged.

Shelton, reportedly, doesn’t see the need to have a prenup. Whereas Stefani, like any other woman, wants to protect herself. Her desire to get a prenup is motivated by the bitter end of her previous marriage to Gavin Rossdale.

Tabloids describe Stefani as sweet and fun and outgoing but also a real pill. And that Shelton continues to stick by her side. However, if there were indeed issues between the couple then how would gossip columns know the reasons for it.

The only people who would know about this argument would be Shelton, Stefani, and possibly their respective lawyers. And the lawyers are sworn to secrecy. So how would such an intimate information get around enough to be published in gossip magazines.

Blake Shelton Has Had His Share Of Bitter Ends

Additionally, Shelton’s divorced twice before. More famously, from Miranda Lambert in 2015. But rumour mongers solely focus on Stefani’s past relationship as that would give weightage to the news being circulated. In another news , the couple has been in effortless prenup talks for months now.

More Lies About Gwen Stefani

Additionally, in August Stefani returned to The Voice, allegedly, to keep tabs on Shelton and Kelly Clarkson. Stefani, Shelton, and Clarkson are all good friends, and it’s ridiculous to suggest she’d return to a singing reality show, simply out of jealousy.

There was another story in March about Stefani being pregnant. But then wouldn’t she be 10 months along by now, if that were indeed true? Yet, no baby has arrived so far.

There is absolutely no doubt that the couple is not having any fights and they’re enjoying their engagement.

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