Gwen Stefani return to The Voice to come between boyfriend Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson


Is Gwen Stefani’s return to The Voice also bringing some spicy news along? Does the singer has plans to come between her boyfriend Blake Shelton and fellow judge Kelly Clarkson. Let’s find out what’s going on!

On June 4, Clarkson filed for divorce and two weeks later, Stefani made an announcement that she was returning to The Voice. Well, this happened pretty quickly and looks like Stefani is getting insecure. Is she jealous that her boyfriend is spending more time with Clarkson?

Sources are getting suspicious about the quick turnaround of events. A source claimed that Stefani is worried about her relationship. She feels that Clarkson may make a move on her boyfriend Shelton. The source also said,

Gwen won’t let Kelly and Blake out of her sight! She’s not taking any chances!

Shelton and Clarkson have been spending more time since the news of her divorce. Shelton is completely showing his support to Clarkson also lending her a shoulder to cry on. Stefani was not so pleased to hear this. The source tried to explain Stefani’s reason to be upset about the entire scenario. It claimed,

I get why Gwen is pissed. Suddenly Blake’s on the phone and texting to comfort Kelly — who just happens to be attractive and talented.

Stefani has made sure that Clarkson knows very well that Shelton is already taken and she should step aside. She even posted a selfie with her boyfriend on his birthday. The circumstances may also lead to the couple’s marriage soon.

Rumor Busted!

Stefani was busy with her Las Vegas residency work. The global pandemic is also one of the reasons why Stefani took a break. As it is, large music gatherings seemed unlikely for the last few months. The truth is that Stefani had other things on her mind. She is not at al jealous and has no plans to keep a watch on her boyfriend and Clarkson.

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