Gwen Stefani Rumors: Singer Fired from ‘The Voice’ over Issues with Ariana Grande and More

Gwen Stefani Rumors: Singer Fired from 'The Voice' over Issues with Ariana Grande and More
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Gwen Stefani’s rumor mill has been very hot lately and the tabloids have been linking the singer is any controversy possible. As per the latest In Touch magazine reports, Gwen Stefani has been fired from the singing reality show ‘The Voice’ and has been replaced by Ariana Grande as the new judge.

While Stefani thought Nick Jonas would be her temporary replacement for the judge’s seat, she had no idea Grande would take her chair for permanent. Gwen has even asked Blake Shelton to do something regarding her place on ‘The Voice’ but even he is helpless and can’t help his fiancee. Here are more details on the rumors of Gwen Stefani getting fired from ‘The Voice’ and her issues with Ariana Grande.

Gwen Stefani is Fired from ‘The Voice’ over Ariana Grande Jealousy

The Voice producers wanted Gwen Stefani and Ariana Grande to co-judge the show but somehow that couldn’t happen as the singers can’t even stand each other. Gwen is very much jealous of Ariana as she feels that she has gotten old looking at her and she is not reaching the same level of success as these young singers.

It is why Stefani refused to work with Grande on the show and since the latter is more popular, the former was kicked out of the show. Blake Shelton is trying to convince Gwen Stefani that she will be back one day, but it is just creating more mess and even affecting their relationship too.

Gwen Stefani ‘The Voice’ Rumors and Real Truth

The rumors of Gwen Stefani getting fired from ‘The Voice’ or having issues with Ariana Grande are totally fake and make no sense at all. The thing is that the show keeps changing judges every season and no one is permanent other than Blake Shelton.

Further, Stefani has released her new album and will currently focus on that and return to ‘The Voice’ when the time is right. The tabloids even keep making rumors about Gwen Stefani breaking up with Blake Shelton or the couple getting married in secret, which is both not true.

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