Gwen Stefani Wedding Rumors: Angelina Jolie And Ellen DeGeneres Fights for Maid Of Honor Title

Gwen Stefani Wedding Rumors: Angelina Jolie And Ellen DeGeneres Fights for Maid Of Honor Title
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Gwen Stefani and her wedding rumors have always been in the news ever since Blake Shelton proposed the singer for marriage last year. There are new reports from the ‘In Touch’ magazine that states Gwen is having a tough time choosing between Angelina Jolie and Ellen DeGeneres as her maid of honor for the big day.

The tabloid further adds that it is getting messy as Angelina and Ellen both are trying to become the matron for Stefani’s wedding. It is very confusing for the ‘Hollaback Girl’ singer and she can’t make up her mind between Jolie and DeGeneres to accompany her on the big day. Here is more on Gwen Stefani’s wedding rumors and the possible truth behind Angelina Jolie and Ellen DeGeneres fighting for the maid of honor title.

Gwen confused between Angelina Jolie And Ellen DeGeneres for Maid or Honor

Gwen Stefani is close to both Angelia Jolie and Ellen DeGeneres but she has yet not made up her mind to pick one for the title of maid of honor at her wedding. Everyone knows that Jolie or DeGeneres are the only two candidates in the race, and it is getting complicated with time. Angelina and Ellen both think that they will be picked and it has caused a cold-war between them.

The report further adds that Gwen and Blake have finalized all the wedding details and the couple will have a ceremony at their new $13 million Encino mansion. It is only a matter of time before the maid of honor is decided and hopefully, Angie and Ellen’s fight over the title doesn’t get that messy as it is Gwen’s big day and she needs to be happy.

Gwen Stefani Wedding Rumors and Real Truth

The rumors that Gwen Stefani can’t decide between Angelina Jolie or Ellen DeGeneres as her maid of honor are totally fake and have no source to back the claims. All the 3 ladies are grownups who can take such a decision and there is hardly any matter of choice as Gwen has already asked Ellen to be her maid of honor in an interview.

The tabloids seem to create issues out of thin air where they recently claimed that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have called off their wedding which is totally fake news and fans should not believe any such reports.

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