‘Haikyuu’ Chapter 393: Third set game of Jackals vs. Adlers is far from over! Hinata’s team has the lead


Following the previous chapter, “Haikyuu” Chapter 393 is finally set to release after much delay. Fans had to be patient for almost 2 whole weeks on account of the coronavirus outbreak in Japan and the annual Golden Week event.



“Haikyuu” – Previous Chapter Recap

The third game has commenced and the MSBY Jackals are in the lead by two points. Hinata’s team was able to bounce back from the defeated state in set 2 owing to Atsumu Miya’s serves.

At the beginning of the 3rd set in “Haikyuu” chapter 392, Miya’s streak of excellent service put him on the top spot of the team. In an attempt to stop Miya’s powerful service, Schweiden Adlers altered their formation. But the attempts proved to be unhelpful as even with Ushijima’s help, Miya was unstoppable.

“Haikyuu” Predicated Plot (SPOILERS!)

Kagayema is likely to step up his game in order to catch up, and the Adlers definitely need to strategize if they are to take the lead again. A hard fight is expected of both teams that could lead to plenty of intense scenes since this is the last set, and they must rally to get maximum points.

In “Haikyuu” Chapter 393 the game will continue from the score of 18-14 in the favor of Black Jackals. The Adlers, it seems, were unable to make a comeback because the third set commenced with most points in favor of its opponent, which was 5-2.

It is likely that if Miya is able to keep the momentum going, they could win the game. Ofcourse, the Jackals will not keep their guards down as Romero, Kageyama attempt to tighten their defense and launch a series of attacks to turn the score in their favor.

“Haikyuu” Chapter 393 – Release Date

“Haikyuu” Chapter 393 is scheduled to arrive on 17th May according to Haikyuu Online. The fans can look around for a few more spoilers meanwhile since the raw scans of this manga are set to come out earlier on 15th May. They will be made available on Manga Plus and Viz Media.

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