Halloween Deals Roundup: Costumes, Decorations, Lights, Movies, Games and More

Halloween Deals Roundup

Halloween 2019 is almost here and its time to dress up, decorate your house and go out for trick and treat. It can be a bit expensive and tiring to go out and search for the best items, but luckily there is a Halloween sale on most of the online retailers.

The list includes spooky lights, party essentials, extra costumes and so much more. Here are the best deals on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. for Halloween themed costumes, decorations, lights, movies, games, and so many other things.

Halloween Decorations Best Deals

Halloween Decorations Best Deals

The most important part of Halloween is the decorations which gives your house a scary look and sets the mood for everything. From colored lights to creepy candles, the ambiance is turned into something out of a horror movie. There are new innovations in Halloween setup which includes projection show and even wine bottles with lights inside. Here are the best deals on Halloween decoration items this year.

  • Philips Hue white and color outdoor light strip, $89 at Amazon
  • Philips Hue white and color ambience bulb 2-pack, $89.99 at Amazon
  • Whirl Motion lightshow projection, $24 ($14 discount) at Walmart
  • YIWER Flameless Candles set of 3, $14.99 ($35 discount) at Amazon
  • MJ Premier sound and LED lighted wine bottles, $14.99 ($15 discount) at Amazon
  • Peep n’ Peepers flashing eyes Halloween lights, $19.99 at Amazon

Best Halloween Costumes Deals

Best Halloween Costumes Deals

The best way to celebrate Halloween is to wear something different and scare everyone asking for trick and treat. The latest Halloween costumes are equipped with sound and lights which make it much more interesting. Here are the best deals on Halloween themed costumes.

  • Theefun 12 color changing skeleton gloves, $17 ($42 discount) at Amazon
  • Beatsync sound responsive lighted skull mask, $6.99 ($3 discount) at Walmart

Halloween Games and Movies Deals

Halloween Games and Movies Deals

Halloween doesn’t have to be celebrated by going outside every time, one can just sit back on their couch, relax and play their favorite horror movies and games. Here are the best deals on Halloween themed games and movie titles.

  • MediEvil Remastered PS4, $29 at Walmart
  • Resident Evil 2 PS4, $24 ($25 discount) at Amazon
  • Tales of Terror: 200 Horror Movies, $24.99 at Walmart
  • Harrowing Horror Collection, $11 ($7 discount) at Walmart

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