Halloween in Hogwarts is now possible for all Potterheads!

Halloween in Hogwarts is now possible for all Potterheads!

Halloween’s come around to bring more of joy than horror. If you are a parenting a child below 9 years of age then you must have been considering about ideas of costume now-a-days! However, if you are a Harry Potter fan and have always made it a point to involve your all-favorite characters in the celebration then this might be your ultimate Harry Potter themed Halloween. Yes, I have some great plans for all Harry Potter fans Halloween night dinner!

Halloween in Hogwarts is now possible for all Potterheads!

Hogwarts style dinner!
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Harry Potter fans, a Hogwarts tour on Halloween sounds good?

Are you aware about Warner Bros. Studios last year plans for Halloween? If yes then you must be jumping from excitement by now, cause you already know what’s about to come next. If not then allow me to enlighten you regarding the matter!

London’s Warner Bros. Studios, celebrated the spooky festival drained in Harry Potter light. After last year’s success they are planning to revive the idea this year as well. So you can dine in Hogwarts on Halloween night!

Guests are catered cocktails and canapes before stepping into Hogwart’s Great Hall.  You can enjoy your dinner under 100 floating pumpkins just like they showed it in the film! The feast involves red apples, pumpkin treats and the best of all, cauldrons full of lollipops.

What all the trip offers to Potterheads?

One of the most exciting thing about the plan is the tour of the studio. The guests get the most-precious chance of seeing the various places of the Wizarding world, all from their own eyes. From the Forbidden Forest to Diagon Alley, from Griffindor common room to Snape’s potion class, you can see it all!

The tour turns more interesting as the Prop Making Department are always willing to share the Behind-the-scenes secrets with all! One more reminder if you are planning of having your Halloween dinner in Harry Potter’s world, don’t eat much!

Wondering why I am saying that? For just after the dinner an array of spiders will lead you to the Forbidden forest for a meeting with Buckbeak! Aragog will be there as well! So non-spider lovers or Ron-like people beware!

When, where and how to get there?

Halloween in Hogwarts is now possible for all Potterheads!

A walk through Diagon Alley
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The event will take place in Watford Studio from October 25th to 27th. The run time of the program is from 7:30 to quite late and it will be open for those aged 18 or over! One more thing free shuttle for the Watford junction will be available all night!

The cost of ticket is $292 and are available for only 260 people per day! So hurry!

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