Harrison Ford Health Updates: Friends and Family Worried about Han Solo Star’s Health?

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford is reprising the role of much-celebrated character Indiana Jones. The fifth instalment of the adventure movie series is scheduled to be released in 2022. The action hero is, once again, gearing up to play the daring archaeologist. 

Harrison Ford Is Working Hard At Gym

The Star Wars actor is apparently working extra hard at the gym for this upcoming movie. Consequently, that has his friends and family members worried for his health. Ford is reportedly killing himself with those strenuous efforts. It was also reported last October that his close ones were begging him to slow down. The Age of Adeline star supposedly does extreme workouts, which includes cardio, lifting weights, flexibility and muscle building.

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FACT: Harrison Ford slipped a disc during filming and had to return to the US for emergency surgery. However, Spielberg carried on filming using stuntman Vic Armstrong as a stand-in. The director shot the conveyor-belt fight scene, where Indy brawls with the slave master, using Armstrong. Incidentally, the slave master is played by Pat Roach, who was also the big Nazi mechanic torn apart by a propeller in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. And that was a little bit about Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). And also, thank you for being the “Movie of the Week”! • • • • • • • • • • #harrisonford #indianajones #templeofdoom #indianajonesandthetempleofdoom #1984 #80smovies

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The intense workouts were taking a toll on Ford’s health. The 78-year-old actor was allegedly killing himself in the gym which was leaving him entirely drained. Seeing him in such a state, his loved ones were worried for him. Questions arise what the actor is trying to prove.

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

Ford Is Perfectly Alright

Earlier this year, Ford appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. On the show, he spoke on his health and diet. The Blade Runner star admitted that he sticks to a strict diet, in addition to working out. As a matter of fact, he is simply taking care of himself, not like killing himself or anything as such. Questions about what the dignified actor is trying to prove seem derogatory. Ford’s name and reputation precede him. He has got nothing to prove to anyone.

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

More Rumours About Ford

This summer, there were rumours that Harrison’s wife of 11 years, Calista Flockhart was in fact leaving him. Ford is an accomplished pilot. His love for flying was apparently so overwhelming that it intervened in his marriage. Supposedly, Flockhart has had enough of his adventurous spirit. This created cracks in the couple’s marriage.

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

Additionally, last month the couple’s marriage was again rumoured to be in trouble. As their eldest, Liam is leaving for college. And she wasn’t looking forward to being in the house alone with her husband. But all these rumours are just a load of bogus.

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