Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a day early to play on iOS and Android play-stores

Harry Potter :Wizards Unite is a day early to play on iOS and Android playstores_3
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So, if you are a Potterhead and a hardcore gamer, altogether than you must be waiting eagerly for the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR game. Well, the developers didn’t basically walk behind the issued deadlines and released the game, little earlier than expected.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite– How the game is setting milestones for AR games worldwide

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a day early to play on iOS and Android playstores

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been made life earlier than Friday, June 21. So, intriguing gamers from the UK and US can register with their passports(no, no the real ones, just your wizarding passports) and dwell in the world of wizards and witches.  The game is made live on both iOS and Android play store.

You must note that you have to type the full name of the AR game for downloading. If you think the game’s gonna appear after searching Harry Potter, then you may get disappointed. Boo, the app won’t show up without a full name.

I probably assure you that the app is not going to be a merry chase. People have put up with some mind-boggling reviews and dot five stars on play store.

The game’s story is simple-  a great Calamity has broken out in the Wizarding World and all of our favourite magical folks must work together to fight and combat. Unlike Pokémon GO, here the game’s story is briefly narrated. And more like the previous times, Harry, Hermione and Weasley’s brat have come together to battle the nemesis.

Wizards Unite- Features and first impression

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a day early to play on iOS and Android playstores

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We hope the game remains free of crashes. You may also pick your wizarding house before playing. Thankfully, the game is a bit of mystery and full of suspense. So, you gotta play your mind to unleash the best of powers.

The only thing in the game that disappointed me was the visual graphics. Although, the visuals were styled in more of a Harry Potter theme- ageing and full-descript. Meanwhile, the game will offer you with some of the riveting challenges to let you earn whopping rewards. You may be pitting them to use in later levels. In like manner, Niantic has pressed efforts in the game- the game’s more playable than Pokémon Go.

So yeah, if you’re a Potterhead with the good appetite of video games, then Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will definitely sate your thirst and make you feel like a magical dweller. I wish, the charm stays the same, even after months.

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