Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game launches on Friday: Details inside

'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ mobile game launches on Friday
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Rejoice Potterheads!

Because this year our favorite Harry Potter characters will be soon turning into a mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The Pokémon Go mobile game will be having an interesting follow-up in a Harry Potter way. Harry Potter will see a US and UK launch on Friday, 21 June.

Will the game surpass the success of parent, Pokémon Go ?

'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ mobile game launches on Friday

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The main mind behind the game is Niantic games. Unlike the world of Pokémon Go, leaving gamers with real world pokémons, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gives you leads to find out some of the magical artefacts for keeping the secret of  wizarding world unraveled from muggles.

Following the success of Pokémon Go that has been installed by a billion users worldwide, Niantic CEO John Hanke hopes to repeat the same triumph of augmented video games with Wizards Unite.

The game is quite similar to Pokémon GO but with certain depth and skills to unleash your favorite characters on the game. So, you need to be a good potion master for unlocking Snape and excellent with spells for role of greatest wizard of her time, Granger.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite- Features

'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ mobile game launches on Friday

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The coolest part of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is yet to be unlocked. It is the magical ‘Portkeys’ which let you experience magical realms that truly don’t exist in real life. But as you walk through the Harry Potter wizarding world, you’ll get to enjoy the views through your phones.

The game supports both  iOS and Android play stores. The game makers haven’t divulged further information about the worldwide release of game.

The company teamed up with Warner Bros production house while working for the game. They announced the commencement of project in mid-2017.

You may play the game for free. But the players will be provided with options to exchange real money with magical coins. If analysis are to be believed, players are ought to spent atleast $100 million in initial months of release.

A beta version of the Harry Potter:Wizards Unite was launched in New Zealand and Australia in April and May respectively. Players in the two countries have played out around $40,000 in the very first months. However, the company has not revealed the official revenue figures for the game. We can assume the digits by the craze people have for Potter series.

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