Has the Coronavirus Second Wave in the USA Come Already?

Has the Coronavirus second wave in the USA come already?

Coronavirus second wave could be the biggest trouble for the USA and the rest of the world as the pandemic has already destroyed everything. There are more than 3.37 million confirmed cases in the USA along with 137,000 deaths due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It is already the first wave of the viral infection and if somehow a second wave hits, things will be very disastrous for everyone.

The waves are referred to as the curve in the graph of the total COVID-19 cases which keeps rising and falling over time due to several circumstances. Here are more details on whether the Coronavirus second wave has come to the USA already or not?

Coronavirus First Wave is Still Spreading in the USA

Coronavirus First Wave is Still Spreading in the USA

Coronavirus first wave is spreading rapidly in the USA region and there are around 60,000 cases registered in a single day. The situation is so bad that the hospitals are overwhelmed, around thousands of deaths every day. It is so bad that even President Trump has started to wear a mask to save himself from the COVID-19 infection.

The USA has the maximum number of coronavirus cases where it consists of one-fourth of total infected patients. If somehow the USA hits a second wave, the situation will get worse than before. But for the current time, the first wave of coronavirus is still spreading in the USA as daily cases are increasing with each passing day.

What are the Chances of Coronavirus Second Wave in USA?

What are the Chances of Coronavirus Second Wave in USA?

Mike Pence, the Vice President of the USA has assured citizens that they don’t need to worry about the second wave of Coronavirus. The White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow has made it clear that the second wave of COVID-19 is not coming.

Dr. Theo Vos of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has predicted that the coronavirus spread will surge in the United States as fall brings down cold temperatures. While there might not be a second coronavirus wave, the first wave might become more dangerous with time.

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