HBO Max launched as the new streaming platform from WarnerMedia

HBO Max - new streaming platform from WarnerMedia

Competition is growing for streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and other platforms. WarnerMedia is launching a new streaming platform known as HBO Max to compete with other platforms. The franchise revealed the new platform on Tuesday along with other programs. However, “Friends” being the original owner of HBO will be available as an exclusive sitcom. But these programs are scheduled for the next year on HBO Max.

HBO Max competes with Netflix and other streaming platforms

Over these years, HBO provided the license to Netflix to air the iconic sitcom Friends. As the company believes bringing back the show will definitely increase viewer on a new streaming platform.

There will many more exclusive contents out of which Friends being one of them. The brand will also provide with Original contents as Max Originals over the period. It will also cover most of the HBO’s current running programs on the platforms.

HBO Max - new streaming platform from WarnerMedia

New and original contents will be available on HBO Max
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This will bring cautious competition between most of the streaming platforms. And Netflix is at the top of all the platforms, there is going to be a tough competition. WarnerMedia is the parent company of CNN, however, they denied to disclose any pricing for now.

But, HBO Max being a competitor can be priced higher than existing platforms. Moreover, the HBO which is available for users is priced at 14.99 US dollars per month. And it is counted that the pricing is little more than existing Netflix and Hulu subscription.

Premium and original contents will be added over time

The overall expectation of the company is to enlarge viewers with Friends and new original contents. As per reports from WarnerMedia, they tend to provide contents worth of 10, 000 hours.

Last summer, AT&T took control of WarnerMedia and later named it as Time Warner. Since then the streaming platform became the top priority for the company. And now it is expected to get a launch on 2020 spring.

HBO Max - new streaming platform from WarnerMedia

Friends will start streaming on HBO Max from 2020
Credits: Metro

There are a myriad number of series which are making an entry to the new streaming platform. The list includes Dune: The Sisterhood, love life and some rom-com like a Flight attendant and Made for love.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix nearly paid 80 million US dollars to stream for one year. Along with that, HBO Max is paying 450 Million US dollars to stream Friends for five years.

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