Hedy Lamarr based limited series to be starred by Wonder Woman

Hedy Lamarr based limited series to be starred by Wonder Woman!

It has been almost a year after Deadline announced the news of a project regarding Hedy Lamarr and Gal Gadot’s involvement in it. The news broke soon died down as no addition details from reliable sources found spotlight. However Showtime has finally announced today that the limited series will definitely take place. The news is accompanied by the announcement of who shall star the series as the actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr. The actress who is signed to star as the protagonist is one you know pretty well!

Hedy Lamarr based limited series to be starred by Wonder Woman!

Hedy Lamarr
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Hedy Lamarr characterizing series is bound to take place!

The onset of today brought end to the year-long running conflict of whether Hedy Lamarr series will make it screen or not. Showtime officially announced the making of the series as well as gave us a little insight regarding the star-cast.

As reported by Showtime, our Wonder Woman is all set and signed for the role of the protagonist and executive produce. Jana Winograde, the President of Entertainment of Showtime tried to explain the appeal the show has for her.

She said that the life of Heny Lamarr tells a truly fascinating tale, as she forefronts the issues faced by woman and society even today. The series also involves the talent and skills of the award-winning Sarah Treem and Warren Littlefield. Making the series a definite must-watch for all!

Who all are involved in the making?

Hedy Lamarr based limited series to be starred by Wonder Woman!

Wonder girl will soon appear as Hedy!
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The responsibility of writing the storyline and plot of the limited series rests on he shoulder of Treem. The show shall chronicle the entire life of Hedy Lamarr including her carrier. Well, to be honest Gal Godot is one of the best actress who are capable of under-taking this heavy-role.

Lamarr was born in Australia and commenced her work in Czechoslovakia during the period of 1930. The title of inventor is added to her name because of her supportive device inventions during World War II. She composed a radio guidance system along with the composer George Antheil which is speculated to be the base of today’s WiFi systems.

Her life is truly one that gives inspiration and strength to all its listeners!

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