Here’s How you can make money from YouTube

Here's How you can make money from YouTube.

YouTube has been one of the best platforms in the world to showcase your talent and make it available to the whole world. You can also earn money from it.

If you are talented, creative and hardworking then YouTube is the best platform to get famous.

But the best thing is when you get paid for your creativity. Yes, YouTube allows creators to earn money by publishing more and more videos and increase their watch time and views.

Initially, YouTube was not about making money but the popularity of this platform attracted famous brands to invest in YouTube.

However, it’s not that easy to earn money on YouTube because the number of creators keeps on increasing in millions every month, but if you are unique and original their is a chance you can make money from YouTube.

Here's How you can make money from YouTube

Know how to earn on YouTube.

Here’s how you can earn from YouTube

All you need to do is first create a YouTube channel, and then start making the videos.

You can upload many videos in the beginning because uploading one video won’t work that much. Remember being a creator on Youtube needs a lot of patience and hard work.

Then you need to monetize them to earn money but for monetization, you need to have a total of 10000 views.

So, all you can do is just promote your videos everywhere to your friends, family members, neighbours, social media.

And once you get a bit popular you need to be consistent with your channel.


So, if you are creative and talented YouTube is the best platform to showcase your work for the rest of the world and make money.


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