Here’s what the solar eclipse means for milestone birthday of Prince Philip

prince philip solar eclipse

Let’s get some insight into the Duke of Edinburgh’s amazing life as a solar eclipse is set to coincide with Prince Philip’s milestone birthday.

The Sun will take cover behind the Moon as it passes in front of the giant star exactly a year from now. The annual phenomenon will coincide with another remarkable event, 100th birthday of Prince Philip, and will be partially visible throughout the United Kingdom. Prince Philip, who turned 99 today, will celebrate his platinum jubilee on what is anticipated to be a day of grand celebration.

prince philip solar eclipse

What the eclipse holds for prince philip

Let us understand what the astronomical coincidence means and what it communicates regarding Prince Philip’s life and horoscope.

Astrologers consider eclipses, both solar and lunar, as a mark of great energetic shifts.

As the Moon and Sun cross each other’s path, energies are expected to clash and mix.

Allure Magazine’s Sophie Saint Thomas and Aliza Kelly Faragher explain that eclipses act as “celestial checkpoints”.

Eclipses are said to illuminate different paths through opening of new doors while others are shut behind them.

What does the eclipse mean for Prince Philip?

Eclipses may provide a motivational upliftment to jump into action.

However, Prince Philip has since 2017 been enjoying his much-deserved retirement. At the age of 96, he had decided to call it quits.

Prince Philip has finished over 22,000 solo engagements up till now, starting from 1952. This makes him one of the most occupied of all members of the Royal family.

Prince Philip has also extended to Queen Elizabeth II the steadfast support through all these years. He is now enjoying his leisure time at Windsor Castle.

Solar eclipses are said to bring along unexpected events or news. Perhaps, the Duke of Edinburgh’s jubilee next year will be particularly special.

The annual solar eclipse will be visible across the UK, with about 50 percent of the Sun being obstructed in the northern Scotland region.

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