Here’s What to do when you win the Mega Million Jackpot

Here’s What to do when you win the Mega Million Jackpot

Here’s what to do when you win the Mega Million Jackpot and it certainly isn’t yelling about it to the whole world! Winning a lottery is everyone’s dream, at least every middle-class person’s. You ask anyone, ‘What will you do after winning a lottery?’ they would have their list ready and it won’t end.

There have also been instances where people have lost their sanity due to these sudden happy attacks! Surely, not everyone gets that, however everyone does want to dream of it. So, what should you or not when your luck is up for a jacuzzi.


Imagine, you took the ticket of Mega Million Jackpot, you won it and you are soon to claim it. You are stitching dreams and suddenly you see that the ticket is missing. The ticket to heaven and every good thing has gone missing, and then on the TV, you see some other name being announced as the winner. Hence, protect your Mega Million Jackpot Ticket. Sign behind it just in case that might help with marking of the identity.

Keep the news undercovers

Look, you have a million in your pockets now, obviously, there are going to be annoying relatives calling and irritating you. Media and thugs running after your life. So, to avoid all of this mess unless you want people to be in the papers, keep it all down. Avoid telling it to the people and most of the times deny if anyone asks you of your Mega Million Jackpot win.

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Relax. Breathe. Stay Sane

Like I said before there have been instances where people went crazy and thus, lost every value in a million. What you need to do is relax, I know it is huge but relax. Don’t rush to claim your millions, take it easy. You’d need an attorney, an adviser and a lot of other people because they don’t give the money just like that. There is a procedure to be followed. After, you have the money do not rush and fulfill all your sinful pleasures with the Mega Millions

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Mega Million Jackpot: How to Claim?

There are two ways you can claim the price of your luck. First is to take it in a lump sum and the other is to take it in installments. Whatever you choose before the millions touch your account 24% will be taken by the IRS of course. Both ways, you’d have the money cut before you shell it.

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