Hersheypark will now feature a 210 feet roller coaster that aint for weak hearted

Hersheypark will now feature a 210 feet roller coaster that aint for weak hearted

Hersheypark announced its longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster yet on Wednesday. The roller coaster named Candymonium with a lift height of 210m and a maximum speed 76mph is bound to thrill the rider to his very limits.

The roller coaster is under construction and will start working from 2020 onwards at Hersheypark. The announcement comes days after Hersheypark announced its expansion project worth $150m.

Can you ride the biggest roller coaster at Hersheypark ?

Hersheypark announced its biggest roller coaster ride at its Chevrolet Music Box Theatre. As many as 500 pass holders witnessed the event. The thrilling ride announced doesn’t come out without restrictions though.

The humongous Candymonium will need the rider’s height to be at least 54inches. That’s only fair looking at the kind of speed the rollercoaster will attain. 76mph to be precise going on until 2 minutes 26 seconds is definitely something to keep in mind. That too from a 210ft lifting height is not for the weak hearted.

John Law, the CEO of Hershey entertainment & resorts company felt it is the right decision to shell a big amount on Candymonium.

“We felt the coaster was a key ingredient to the entire Hershey’s Chocolatetown. Our guests constantly ask for more water and more steel. So we brought water, so now we’re back to bringing more steel.”

The announcement comes soon after Hershey announced its Chocolatetown project. Chocolatetown will open in 2020 at the Hersheypark and will include a host of new attractions other than Candymonium.

A rooftop patio, an ice cream parlour, Starbucks, a Hershey’s store are some among the Chocolatetown’s offers. The Hersheypark’s entrance is already shifted to an area in closer proximity to the main centre.

Candymonium classifies as a “hypercoaster”

Hersheypark got the approval of its tallest rollercoaster from Federation Aviation Administration recently. The rollercoaster is in construction since the last few years but the it’s unveiled only now.

The rollercoaster is around 8 feet taller than the park’s current largest coaster, the Skyrush. The federation classifies any coaster above 200 feet as a “hypercoaster”. The FAA approved of the construction after conducting an Obstruction Evaluation.

Hersheypark will now feature a 210 feet roller coaster moving at 76mph

Lighting Racer is a popular attraction at Hersheypark. Image : Hershey park wiki

This is another star attraction among many others like the Comet and the Wildcat. The Hersheypark is improving by the day and it doesn’t seem long before it’s rated as one of the world’s best.

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