HIV 2020 Global target UNAIDS derails due to lack of efforts

HIV 2020 Global target UNAIDS derails due to lack of efforts!

HIV is one of the most deadly diseases to have ever engulfed mankind. Though its transfer and extension is easy, its treatment till date remains unknown! However, awareness and acknowledgement of people is helping to curb this world-wide spread disease.

UNAIDS recently dropped their yearly global report regarding HIV epidemic. Though the message and results seem like quite big achievements the real truth remains hidden. If the organization doesn’t pull up their socks now, the global target of 2020 may not be achieved!

Yes, the big battle seems to be lacking a bit of enthusiasm and might be getting of track!

HIV 2020 Global target UNAIDS derails due to lack of efforts!

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HIV 2020 target-lost cause

The people who are accessing antiretroviral treatment have catapult breaking free the past all records. The medication has reduced the death rate of people dying because AIDS-related diseases have gone down by 33%.

The present status states that 4 out of 5 people suffering from the hazardous illness are aware about their state. However, graphs show that by 2018 only 23.3 million people suffering from HIV have been reached out to provide them with life-saving treatment under UNAIDS. The number is much less to what it should have been as per UNAIDS plan of 30 million by 2030.

HIV 2020 Global target UNAIDS derails due to lack of efforts!

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UNAIDS: Is there still hope?

As 2020 nears on us, standing just around the corner reports and graphs show a positive response in preventing HIV. The rate of newly infected people is declining. Although the progress is slow to reach the afore-set target yet the progress is significant for it has saved umpteen lives!

In 2010 the annual newly infected people were counted out to be 2.1 million while in 2018 the status fell to just 1.7 million. Thus showing a 16% drop laudable drop. Despite the slow working and now-appearing to be de-tracked target the work remains laudable.

The programs and awareness campaigns are working their magic as more and more people become aware of the HIV demons, as well as learn to fight it! However, we still have a long way to go before we can extinguish this jeopardizing fire!


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