HIV Cure via Stem Cells Finally Coming in 2019? Major Breakthrough Brings Hope!


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) remains one of the biggest challenges to humans on earth. A disease that has claimed millions fo life all over the globe and one which seemingly has no end to it. People around the world have been trying to come out with a cure for HIV for a really long time now with no end in sight. However it now appears that an HIV cure might finally be on the horizon.

HIV Cure

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Let us take a closer look at this cure to this fatal illness and how it is going to help so many people across the world.

HIV Cure Finally Coming in 2019? 2 People Successfully Cured!

This disease has been hard to cure because the virus is way too resistant to be eliminated from the body. However, the HIV cure via stem cell therapy seems to be a hue step forward as two people have reportedly been cured. Stem Cell Transplant, however, has helped ‘Berlin Patient’ become the first-ever person to be cured of HIV.


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Reportedly, a second patient has now been fully healed! This is particularly useful for those who have the CCR5 genetic mutation in their body. The second patient is known as ‘London Patient’ and he has been HIV free since March 2018.

When will this HIV Cure Become a Scalable Global Solution

HIV Cure Stem Cells

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While this solution is working for some people as of now, it will be interesting to see when this can actually become a larger and more sustainable solution which can help millions of people across the world! stay tuned with us for more info on this.

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