HIV-Prevention Pills to be Donated under Trumps Administration


HIV-prevention pills have become essential these days to reduce the risk of getting AIDS. As per the sources, the chances for the HIV virus to spread in America are very high. Some people are at huge risk and are unaware of it.

HIV-prevention pills to be donated by drugmakers

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These pills will be sold by the pharmaceutical company to avoid the risk of HIV. The drugmakers are going to supply tablets to more than 200,000 individuals. The order was passed on Thursday by the Trump administration. Even the drug makers have agreed to distribute the pills for 11 years.

Gilead Sciences is the creator of Truvada. They have produced the costliest HIV drug which will protect the people from getting infected. The company will supply more than 2.4 million bottles every year to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Each PrEP pills pack also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis ranges more than $20,000 in America. However, this initiative was taken by President Trump to reduce the transmission of HIV by 90 % by 2030 in the United States.

Which areas will be focused on by the government?

In 2013, more than 39,000 people were infected by the HIV virus. In 2017, the rural parts of seven Southern States had around 20,000 new HIV diagnoses which were higher than the other parts of America. The government is planning to focus more on rural areas like villages which are at a higher risk. They will supply the pills to the regions like Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

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