Hobbs and Shaw: Roman Reigns almost killed a cameraman on the sets

Roman Reigns almost killed cameraman on sets of Hobbs and Shaw

Roman Reigns, unarguably the fan’s favourite wrestler in WWE right now escaped a close tragedy on sets of Hobbs and Shaw. Reigns is busy filming his first film Hobbs and Shaw which has his cousin The Rock as the main lead.

That is the very reason you can’t see Reigns on WWE right now, in case you were wondering. Reigns was also suffering from Lukemia recently while he refreshed with The Rock in Hawaii. But an incident that nearly took out a cameraman’s life disturbed Roman Reigns to an extent.

Roman Reigns throws club at cameraman on the sets of Hobbs and Shaw

The Rock revealed candidly in an interview about the incident. Roman Reigns and The Rock were filming an important scene in which they had to use clubs. Just that Roman nearly killed someone with that.

“We are rehearsing a scene, and it’s a big scene where both of us are supposed to take our clubs over our heads and throw. They say, ‘Okay guys there are a lot of people around — no need to throw the club.’ Got it [Roman]? Got it brotha, no need to throw the club.”

“I pretend to throw my club and I hear ‘OH MY GOD’ I turn around, the f*cking cameraman is knocked out.”

The Rock went on to reveal that Roman Reigns mistakenly threw the club which landed on the cameraman’s head. The cameraman was knocked out but luckily he wasn’t hurt too hard and stood up instantly.

Reigns feels bad but all is well in the end

Roman Reigns was quite guilty of what he did and apologized right after. The Rock also hugged him and luckily Lukasz, their cameraman is a tough bloke.

Roman Reigns almost killed cameraman on sets of Hobbs and Shaw

Roman Reigns features in his first-ever film Hobbs and Shaw. Image: Digital Spy

Reigns felt quite guilty about the incident later on. But as The Rock’s recent IG post revealed, he performed his first-ever film role really well. Hobbs and Shaw is produced by Universal Studios and releases this Friday, 2nd August. The film stars Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson as leads and Idris Elba as the villain.

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