Hollywood Stars And Malibu Weddings: Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, Gwen Stefani – Plan Destination Weddings?

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Hollywood Stars plan extravagant weddings. It is an event fans wait for worldwide. And tabloids love to report on celebrity weddings. Over the last few years, Malibu seems like the destination for most of these weddings. Let us take a look whether the claims from those rumour mongers are true.

Hollywood A-Listers Join The Bandwagon?

Leonardo DiCaprio was apparently ready to settle down and get married to longtime girlfriend Camila Morrone, early last month. There were reports that the Titanic star is finally ready to take the plunge with Malibu as a possible location. The proposal is supposed to take place in mid-June, i.e., if the story were real. Previously, many stories have come out alleging the couple’s engagement. Of course, all of them have been false. And so is this one.

Camila Morrone Leonardo DiCaprio

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Likewise, Keanu Reeves was ready to walk down the aisle with longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant. The couple became public right around the time this story was published. The actor’s representative hadn’t even confirmed they were together until then. Nevertheless, Reeves apparently proposed to Grant over Italian takeout, candlelight, and Frank Sinatra tunes. Reportedly, the couple was planning on a Malibu wedding. It’s been over a year since then, and the couple is still not married.

Early in March, rumours were that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had gotten married in Malibu. The couple initially couldn’t decide between a California or Southern wedding. The $2 million ceremony allegedly took place on the beach. In truth, nothing as such had happened. The couple continues to remain engaged, and hasn’t got married yet.

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Breakup Rumors: Quarantine Fights almost Canceled the Wedding

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Even JLo And A-Rod Didn’t Escape The Malibu Craze

Long before they broke off their engagement, gossip columns alleged Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were planning their Malibu dream wedding. Wanting the nuptials to take place at home, the couple were leaning towards their Malibu beach house as the location. Evidently, the wedding never happened, and the pair broke up earlier this year. Malibu seems to be the favorite wedding destination for tabloids, if no one else.

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