How to send money on Paypal: 7 quick steps

How to send money on Paypal: 7 quick steps

Here are seven quick steps on how to send money on Paypal.

Did you know that Paypal is not only a safe way to buy online, but is also a secure way to send money?

What is PayPal?

The payment platform is encrypted for security. It constantly keeps track of transactions to avoid fraud. It is a useful service for daily transactions like sending your teenager studying abroad an allowance, paying for your dinner at a restaurant, or purchasing a pair of shoes online.

How to send money on Paypal: 7 quick steps

How can I send money using Paypal?

Before we begin with the quick tutorial, make sure that you and the person or entity you are sending money to have PayPal accounts. Setting up an account, be it personal or business is easy and free through its website. You just need to click the ‘Sign Up” button in the upper-right-hand corner. Make sure to pick a secure password.

how to send money on paypal


Below are the quick steps to follow in sending money on Paypal after signing up for an account:

1. Link your PayPal account to various payment modes (i.e., savings account, credit cards, checking account).

2. From the top menu bar, click “Send & Request” to send money to someone.

3. Indicate essential details of the receiver, such as the name, email address, or phone number.

4. In the first box, type the amount you intend to send. Pick from sending to a friend or click “Change” to pay for an item or service. There is also an “add note” section for a quick message. After filling in all the required details, click “continue.”

5. You will be prompted to answer: “How do you want to pay?”. Pick from options such as linked credit card, checking account, and more. Some options require a service fee. Click next.


6. On your screen will appear a confirmation page for you to verify the amount including the service fee, the receiver, and the mode of payment. By clicking ‘send payment now,’ you confirm that details are correct, otherwise, you can click ‘back’ to rectify.

7. An email from the [email protected] account will be delivered to your registered email address with the information regarding your transaction.

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