How will T-ara members celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary ?

How will T-ara members celebrate the group's 10th anniversary

T-ara members are planning a reunion of nostalgia, this July.

It’s been ten years since the T-ara group first made their screen appearance. And to celebrate their 10 year mark in Korean pop industry, the girls have decided to host a special VLIVE broadcast on their T-ara’s 10th anniversery.

T-ara celebrates their 10 year anniversery

On July 15, the four founders, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Qri and Eunjung personally announced the special scoop through their respective Instagram handles. The quartet announced to hold a momentous broadcast on 29 July.

They wanted to share the profound joy of being 10-years old in Korean industry with their fans. That’s how the idea finally of a VLIVE reunion broadcast popped into their heads.

Don’t forget to tune into your Instagrams at exact 4PM exactly. The announcement came with a cute, little picture of four members’ hands. The quartet formed a number 10 through their hands while raising their fandom’s anticipations.

Moreover, the group of T-ara had a solo debut on July 30, 2009. Their esteemed single, Lie went on to top South Korean’s Goan song charts in 2009 while making them a household name in country’s capital, Seoul.

The band controversy

The band was solely linked to MBK Entertainment for song streams and physical sales.

TL;DR T-ara Scandal from kpophelp

The original T-ara members were skillfully trained by Mnet Media in a three-year extensive training. The band, T-ara gained further recongnition after releasing their best-selling Roly-Poly in 2011. But after spawning a wild range of controversies and accusations of records, the group became highly inactive after 2017.

How will T-ara members celebrate the group's 10th anniversary

picture: K-PROFILES

However, T-ara members soon dissolved their exclusive contracts with the media-savvy band label. Since then, the 4 members of T-ara are busy releasing and promoting their solo music activities. Furthermore, the quartet of T-ara tried to sharpen their hands at acting and somehow, got along the industry well.

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