Human Trafficking and Victims of a Multi-Billion Dollar Mafia


We all have this one person in our lives who promised us to stay but left. Now, imagine having someone who promised to protect you, but turned to be your worst nightmare. How cute is it to buy a puppy? To take care of it, bathe him nicely, get him good clothes. What if someone bought a puppy for torture? When these things happen to human-being then it is considered as human trafficking.

The internet goes wild on those people. Similarly, imagine adopting a child, you take care of them, you love them! What if this child was taken by someone else without informing you, and you come to know that they are not coming back!

Years later while your wounds are still fresh you see the news, and there. There you see your child sobbing, crying hysterically. You rush to them and your body is filled with goosebumps.

Victims of Human Trafficking

The reality is awful

The reality of Human Trafficking

You hear them tell stories of their abduction and the rest is just heart-breaking to you. The victims of human trafficking are often led by someone they trust completely. Their emotional sensitivity and zero sceptical nature make them a prey of these sexual vultures.

It is quite difficult for someone to open up about their scars running deep into their veins. Though the victims opened up when there was somebody to hold them.

The awareness created through the internet and compassion helped a lot of victims of human trafficking to find solace. While human trafficking is done under our nose, we do nothing but update statuses against it. That is literally the only thing we can do right? Wrong!

The Fox News interviewed some victims of human trafficking and found out that most of them were led to sex working by their trusted figure. This figure displays the quality of a father or boyfriend.

Considering, human trafficking in the US most of the girls falls prey to it. Apparently, the seller has already gained trust over the girl by promising her moons and star and then pushed her into hell.

Victims of Human Trafficking

Identity under covers
Source- fourth estate party

Story from the victim of human trafficking

A victim narrated of crossing destiny with a boy online on a video game. They started talking and all was roses and sunflowers. She trusted him deeply because he was very caring towards her. One day he called her on a date and took her in the areas of North Carolina where he got her sloshed.

Then, he took her to a hotel room, where she was asked to ‘please his friends’. The next moment 5 men already slam in through the door and start their cruel tricks. She was sleep deprived, drugged, hopped and had no clue of what was happening! Guess what, the girl was just 15, and even after being rehabilitated she keeps her identity under covers.

Victims of Human Trafficking

Trust is very important


What do we do on our levels? How can we ensure the safety of our children? You see, children are like boxes. Their heads are empty and it depends on us that what we put in them. Talk to your children, become their first emotional remedy, teach them to be expressive. In most of the case, the victims of human trafficking trusted the wrong person more. It does happen that sometimes the mother itself becomes the enemy of the children.

While schools are still proven to deliver the best knowledge on this topic. Teach your students about the world outside your books. Moreover, believe that children or anyone for that matter aren’t objects. They aren’t bought on this planet to suffice your needs. They aren’t giving life to become a pleasure to you. Define your principles and above all, listen to your heart when it tells you to retreat.

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