Impact of Animated Movies on the Minds of Children


Entertainment has been a best source of teaching for all the age groups. From medical advises, public services to emotional appeals all are followed through entertainment. As a kid I’m sure we all loved watching the animated movies, they had something which taught us a lot along with the entertainment. The importance of good deeds over bad ones is completely taken care of in these animated projects. Every parent wishes for his/her child to have best moral values and teachings and this was completely followed by the creative minds behind these movies.

What a person will follow and believe throughout his lifetime is implanted in their minds while they are a kid.  From Snow White and Seven Dwarfs teaching the kids about friendship and kindness to movies like Cars highlighting the importance of sportsmanship above winning, these movies influence every aspect of a kid’s naive mind. The animated movies often show conditions of extreme danger and risks which indirectly influence and prepares a child for decision making throughout life.  With distinct characters portraying distinct qualities and feelings it makes the kids feel and relate to them even more.

The last few years have seen the awareness in topics of social importance like abolition of racial discrimination, gender equality, homosexuality, body confidence and acceptance etc. With production houses realizing their age old mistakes of following prejudices, in animated movies the narrative now has also changed. In 2018 in Disney’s ‘Wreck It Ralph 2’ a black princess is shown along with all the other white princess and in 2020 Academy Award winning animated movie ‘Hair Love’ the importance of loving your hair no matter what they look like has been highlighted beautifully , in these ways the age old stereotypes have been broken and so it does affect the kids positively

Humor/fun is one of the main aspect of these movies. It keeps the kids engaged throughout. So the creative minds behind it often keep it as a view of adding humor subtly along with the things mentioned above. It teaches the importance of fun and leisure in one’s life. With more CGI techniques and better softwares the quality of these movies has certainly improved brilliantly overtime. It’s amazing how a source of entertainment can be such an important thing in shaping one’s life and we are glad that over the years this responsibility has not been ruined by the intention of just profit making by the people behind them.

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