Instagram: New Sticker update roll out helps you gain more followers

Instagram Chat Stickers lets people follow you on group chat

Instagram helps you to get in touch with more friends and increase your friend circle. Instagram announced last Tuesday that it will soon add a new chat sticker for the Instagram Stories that will let your followers “request” to join a group chat from the Story you shared.

Revealed from a video posted to Twitter, that the new chat sticker follows Instagram’s line up of other popular photo tools including surveys, queries and also locations.

In that particular video, Instagram shows the chat sticker option is being used for things like organizing gatherings, forming different groups and many more. You are free to use Instagram’s Close Friends feature to create a restriction on who can see Stories which show the sticker.

Instagram Chat Stickers in Stories

The new feature of Instagram which is introduced exists with the application’s other Story customization options that are available. You can add a particular topic that you’d like to discuss with your buddies, by choosing that option in your post.

Followers who can see the post can hit the “join chat” option that will appear on their screen. There, you’ll be free to decide whether you want them to be a member of the group discussion or not. They’ll be allowed into a group chat only if you allow them to proceed. You can also loop the followers together in a group chat if you want. Plus, you get an option to end the chat started by you at any time as per your wish.

This application has launched various innovative and unique features recently, like the IGTV support for the landscape videos. Also a navigation bar with outcomes tailored to your interests and concerns, and also few in-app purchases so that the shoppers can buy commodities from different brands without having to exit the application.

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