Instagram vs Snapchat: Can Facebook beat the Snap by this time by Thread App?

Can Facebook beat the Snap by this time by Thread App

Instagram has always been trying to copy features from Snapchat and recently it launched a new app for it called ‘Threads’. The new application opens directly in the camera mode and focuses on sharing things with closed friends just like Snapchat. The news has resulted in a loss for the Snap as their share values have reduced in the stock market.

It won’t be the first time as Instagram previously introduced the stories feature which made a huge dent in the Snapchat user numbers. Facebook is a big tech giant with a lot of resources at its disposal, and it would be interesting to see if the Thread app could beat Snap in the near future of social media.

Instagram trying to Copy Snapchat

Instagram trying to Copy Snapchat

Facebook, which is the parent company on Instagram has copied several features from Snapchat over the years and here is the full list.

  • Facebook released a quick clone of Snapchat in 2012 called Poke, which due to the lack of users was shut down in 2014.
  • After that, another app called Slingshot was released in which a user have to reply with another picture, before seeing what their friends had sent and it lasted for 18 months.
  • Instagram also tested another app called Bolt in 2014 by which users could send photo through a single tap as opposed to the double tap of Snapchat. The Bolt app was never able to make it to the United States and was taken back soon.
  • The biggest feature that is running now in every Facebook and Instagram child app is stories which was released in 2016 and got huge success.
  • Instagram also rolled out Direct, a camera messenger which was shut down this year after testing.

Why should Snapchat Fear Facebook and Instagram?

Why should Snapchat Fear Facebook

Thread is not the first time Facebook is copying Snapchat and nor it will be the last time. But the real problem is that Facebook has a huge user base and almost the entire world uses that app. The goal is to make Instagram more and more like Snapchat and hence all the above apps were created. Facebook is trying to test the features which users like and then it will integrate the same in their main applications, which could crumble Snap easily.

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