International Cat Day: Hidden benefits of owing a feline pet!

International Cat Day is here to reveal the hidden benefits of owing a feline pet!

All cat-lovers, your feline pets today deserve ever-ounce of your undivided attention. Wondering why? Cause today is International Cat Day! Many of you already know the about the existence of this day and the reason why it came into living. However, do you know that parenting a cat other-than being a pleasurable job can be beneficial for your health as well?

So if you already do not have a never-ending list of reasons that can convince your parents about why you should pet a cat, allow me to help you! No one can now stop us from getting our own cute, furry balls of arrogance, for we have science on our side this time!

International Cat Day is here to reveal the hidden benefits of owing a feline pet!

Cute Cats can make anybody’s day!
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International Cat Day: Know how your cat keeps you healthier?

International Cat Day came into existence in the year 2002, by International Fund for Welfare. The aim of the day is to celebrate the most popular and adored pet all around-the globe. However, many scientific researches have now proven that the company of a feline pet is beneficial for all!

Other than disabling the hearts of its owner by possessing overloaded cuteness and charm, it can boost their energy-level as-well. Just watch cat-videos online can bring a positive change in your emotions and body stamina.

Cats help in the betterment of mental health and stress release. A scientific research involving around 600 people prove that cat-owners can deal better with everyday stress. Half of the 600 people had mental health issues and after the experiment, around 87% of them confessed that they experienced a positive impact due to the animal’s presence!

Some unknown advantages of owing a cat!

International Cat Day is here to reveal the hidden benefits of owing a feline pet!


If you are a parent of a child suffering from autism then a cat as pet may be your best non-medical help. The University of Missouri unveiled that social interaction skills of autism suffering children improved around the feline pet.

If you are already having a cat then you must know the heavenly-feeling of a cat’s purr. However, have you ever fractured your bones and seen the effect of sound on it? Never, I guess! Although you can try anytime! Science has proven that the frequency of a cat’s purr can be used as a fracture healing device as well!

So if you have recently broken a bone or two, then giving a cat shelter in your home sounds like a good idea! Last but not least, it can decrease heart-disease chances. As the stress-level of cat owners goes down by a significant mark, heart-related diseases seem to stay away.

So if you are planning to convince your parents regarding cat petting, use these pointers, maybe they will help. Happy International Cat Day to all!

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