iOS 14 Leaks shows that Apple iMessage will add the Deleting Sent Text Feature

iOS 14 Leaks shows that Apple Messenger will add the Deleting Sent Text Feature

Apple always asks the iPhone users about what new features they want in the iOS 14 and some of them might even be implemented. While not all the fan demands will be met for the iOS 14 wishlists, one of the new features introduced could be deleting sent messages in the Apple iMessage app. Here are more details on iOS 14 features and leaks which shows that Apple iMessage will have the delete sext text feature in iPhones and iPads.

iOS 14 Feature Leaks: Delete Sent Message like WhatsApp

iOS 14 Feature Leaks- Delete Sent Message like WhatsApp

Apple iMessage has become obsolete with apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram which offers plenty of unique new features. Every iPhone and iPad user is expecting iOS 14 to bring new updates to the iMessage application, which is the default messaging app in Apple device. One of the top requested features for iMessage is to delete a text or media message even after it has been sent to the other party. WhatsApp and Telegram already have a delete for everyone feature where we can even delete a message after it has been received on the other side.

The iOS 14 leaks and build codes have shown that Apple is testing the delete sent text feature for the iMessage app and it will be implemented soon. The rumored feature in iOS 14 may vary in terms of functionality as the texts can only be deleted before a certain time limit, it can’t be deleted if the receiver has read it. Also, there is another message which shows that the message is deleted to both parties and iOS 14 might not show a notification at all.

iOS 14 Release Date at WWDC 2020

iOS 14 Release Date at WWDC 2020

Apple iOS 14 release date is almost fixed at the WWDC 2020 event which will live stream on June 22. While every year developers are present in the Apple software expo, it will be a virtual event this year due to the limitations imposed by the coronavirus outbreak. There are several leaked screenshots showing iOS 14 new features, but one should only believe in them after Apple has officially announced the same.

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