Apple restricts the iOS updates to its older iPhone models

Apple restricts the iOS updates to its older iPhone models

During the WWDC 2019, Apple launched its latest iOS 13 updates for its customized iPhones. The new operating system brings out a lot of featured functions and a dark mode. New features included in the iOS 13 are swipe to type, improved voice control, advanced photo editor and lot more. However, the main twist of this OS is, it brings out for its older released iPhones also. And going back to the release of iPhone 6s in 2015 and to the latest release of iPhone X and XS.

Apple iOS 13 updates will be missed in the iPhone 6 and 6 plus

Over the years, the quality and advancement of the iPhone are gradually increasing. As well as the software is improving with the introduction of machine learning and AI sensation.

Unfortunately, Apple leaves many users behind with this advancement. The iPhone 6, 5S and 6Plus which all were upgraded to iOS 12, will miss the chance to again upgrade to iOS 13.

According to a report from Statista, a chart is drawn out as how Apple supports its upgrade to older iPhones.

Apple restricts the iOS updates to its older iPhone models

Infographic chart from Statista reveals the support of Apple for older models
Credits: Statista Official

There is another part of the story for the Apple users that is good to hear. As far as concerned about the software services Apple continues to provide its services. The support helps to upgrade software for its older released iPhones.

This is a heartening compliment from the Apple Company to provide a gesture for its iPhones software support. Though the latest OS update doesn’t support for many older iPhones the software support really means a lot for the users.

Software support for its older iPhones  

However, as compared to the Android users the software support isn’t applicable. As for how the users feel left out in the wild from their esteemed manufacturers.

Apple restricts the iOS updates to its older iPhone models

Apple iOS 13 supports latest iPhone X and XS
Credits: 9to5Mac

Google now restricts its Android updates to a maximum of two guaranteed years. Moreover, with the release of Google’s Pixel series, the support is extended to a maximum.

The reason for the extension quietly depends because of its popular market demand. Subsequently, the extension support relies on the latest Pixel and Pixel XL.

A lot of exciting features are added in the Apple iOS 13 update. And what else the Android makers need to add in their latest update can also be compared.

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