iPhone 11: Everything that we know till now and should you upgrade?

iPhone 11: Everything that we know till now and should you upgrade?

The new iPhone 11 launch is around the corner and its got everybody hyped up. Apple fanboys are already pondering over the leaked renders of the new iPhones. There have been mixed opinions about the new design of iPhone 11 and even I am not sure if I like them. The new renders show the design with 3 cameras and it comes off as more quirky than elegant. Here is what we know about the new iPhone:

iPhone 11: Rumored Features

There is a lot riding on the new iPhone. There are a lot of speculated features, we talk about some of them:

Front Facing Camera: The front-facing camera is rumored to be upgraded from 7 to 12 megapixels.

Triple Camera Setup: The rear camera setup is going to be a tri-cam setup as seen in all the renders. The camera might add to the performance but definitely doesn’t look appealing to the eye.

Type C Port: It is a little grey, but it is possible that the new iPhone 11 might ship with a Type C charging port instead of the erstwhile lightning connection. The word on this is not concrete but rather an interpretation of what looks like a deliberate leak by Apple.

iPhone 11- Everything that we know till now and should you upgrade?

Apple hints at a USB C port through iOS 13 beta. Source: The Apple Post

Reverse Charging: It is also speculated that the new iPhone 11 will come equipped with a reverse charging feature, which means that you’ll be able to charge your Apple Watch and AirPods through the battery life of your iPhone 11.

Display: Rumors suggest that the new iPhone 11 will ship with a bigger display than before. The screen sizes seem to be 6.1 for the regular and 6.5 for Max.

Software: The new iPhone’s will ship with the latest iOS 13 which was announced at the WWDC 19 conference. Click to watch the preview. It will include new and improved features like the Dark Mode that people have been waiting for.

Comparison with the iPhone XS: Should you upgrade?

If rumors are to be believed, then the changes don’t seem that significant. If you are already using an iPhone XS, then you probably don’t need to upgrade. There are no considerable performance tweaks, they are still going to use the same 7nm processor.

Addition of another camera might add a bit more usability to the already amazing camera on the XS but it won’t be anything breathtaking. The screen is probably going to be the same because Apple doesn’t like to fiddle with their design a lot.

There is no real reason to upgrade if you are already using the previous gen iPhone. This is like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 all over again but we will have to wait for the launch to actually take place to comment more on that.

The iPhone XS is still very fast and will remain to be capable for another 2-3 years, we know Apple doesn’t skimp out on updates. It’s still supporting the likes of iPhone 5s and 6 which came out years ago.

If you have not upgraded for a couple of years on the other hand, then you might wanna take a look at the new iPhone 11.  If you’re still using an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 7, you might want to look at upgrading your devices.

The iPhone 11 should turn out to be a major change from your previous devices and should keep you satisfied for a couple more years.

iPhone 11- Everything that we know till now and should you upgrade?

The triple camera setup on the new iPhone. Source: Deccan Chronicle

Our Verdict

The rumored updates to the new iPhone 11 do sound nice but are not that significant. Apart from the inclusion of the Type C port which most likely won’t happen because Apple likes its exclusivity, there is nothing substantial and worth spending more money on.

The new iPhone 11 will probably launch around the same price of $999 and will go up as you increase the storage space.

This isn’t a revolutionary generation like the iPhone 5 series or the X series, this is just the company adding a couple of updates to their already successful phone to keep the lineup running.

If you are an Apple fanboy, there is probably no stopping you from getting your hands on the newly launched iPhone devices. If your current iPhone is serving you pretty well, we recommend that you wait for Apple to come out with something that is substantial and a bit more out of the box.

The launch is still months away and rumors are well rumors. We hope that Apple will come out with something that is more innovative and interesting than what has been leaked until now. We will reserve our complete judgement until the actual launch takes place.

For more updates on the Apple iPhones, stay tuned to BlockToro.

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