iPhone 11 model and features revealed

Iphone XI features revealed

Apple iPhone 11 will soon be launched. One can never predict what surprises Apple has in its bag for its users and will be launching a new phone of the iPhone series.

Apple iPhone 11: The model

According, to the reports Apple will launch an XS successor with a 5.8-inch display. iPhone XS was launched last year and this year iPhone 11 will be similar in looks and other properties.

However, in this new model, the thickness of the notch and bezels are reduced. The rear area of the phone will be made of a single glass panel with a square bump.

Iphone XI

iPhone 11 Features Revealed
Source: WCCF Tech

The rumoured dimensions of the phone are 143.9 by 71.4 millimetres. The phone will be 7.8 millimetres thick.

Other features

In addition to this, another new feature that might be introduced in iPhone 11 is the refined mute button. This button style resembles an earlier version of the iPad which is used to slide vertically.

Iphone XI

The triple camera feature of this phone is said to be an expansion of the other iPhone models. It is expected that the third camera lens will be providing a super-wide angle function.

Photos of the new iPhone of 2019 had been going viral on the internet from a few weeks ago.

Moreover, the triple camera feature will surely bring amazing new functions to the new iPhone and enable new modes for its users.

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