iPhone 12 Features Wishlist: What does Fans want in the next Apple iPhone?


Apple iPhone 12 will come out within the next few months and fans have big expectations from the flagship device. The Cupertino based tech giant is known to introduce new iPhones every year with the latest features and specs. However, fans have their own set of features they want in the upcoming iPhone 12. Here are the top iPhone 12 features in the wishlist that fans want in the next Apple iPhone.

iPhone 12 Camera Upgrades for Wide-Angle Shot and Night Mode

Apple iPhone 12 camera will surely have a lot of upgrades but the company is known to provide the best stability without increasing any megapixels. But what the iPhone 12 camera needs to introduce is a wide-angle that lens so users can well-rounded photos. Apart from that, Apple also needs to work on the iPhone 12 night camera mode if it wants to stay ahead in the competition against Samsung and Huawei flagships.

Faster and Clear UI in iPhone 12

Apple needs to make sure that iPhone 12 works smoothly even while handling heavy tasks and switching between apps. OnePlus 8 can run Android OS at lightning speed without any lags or delays. It shouldn’t be that hard for iPhone 12 UI to be faster and cleaner as Apple has introduced the new A13 Bionic chip and iOS 14 update shall remove all the lags.

iPhone 12 should come with Fast Charger in Box

Apple needs to give the 30W fast charger for iPhone 12 in the box and it should not be sold separately. While Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, and other such smartphone makers provide the fast charger for free in the mobile box, Apple only provides a regular charger. Fans won’t like it if they have to pay additional money for iPhone 12 fast charger and cable.

iPhone 12 should have More Color Options and Clear Names

Apple iPhone 12 color variants should have more options as everyone is fed up with the regular space grey, white and gold variants. While most of the fans won’t prefer iPhone 12 in fancy bright colors, but there is no harm in providing the options. Also, the nomenclature of the iPhone 12 should be easier, as Pro, XS, Max-Pro, Max, XR, etc. is too confusing.

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