iPhone 12 Size: A 5.4-inch screen for people who like their phones handy

iphone 12

Tech fans have witnessed a progressively larger screen with each new flagship that is rolled out. However, Apple is using a different approach this time around and launching a phone that will be appreciated by people who like their phones handy. The iPhone 12, however, is reported to arrive in enough size variants to appeal to other users as well.

iphone 12

iPhone 12: At 5.4-inch, the screen is smaller than iPhone SE’s

The initial piece of information that leaked for iPhone 12 was that Apple plans on releasing four models of the smartphone this year. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the two options will come in different sizes.

The smallest among all the variants is 5.4-inches. EverythingApplePro, a twitter user, shared a 3D print of iPhone 12 model to compare it with the iPhone SE so people are able to reckon just how small the new iPhone 12 is going to be.

You may recall that iPhone SE, at present, is Apple’s smallest device as of today. However, once the iPhone 12 launches, it will take iPhone SE’s title as Apple’s smallest device as is evident from the comparison made by EverythingApplePro in his tweet.

iPhone 12: Beginning of Apple’s 5G lineup

If the rumored specs are to be believed, iPhone 12 will be able to leverage the power of 5G network. Rumors suggest that all Apple devices arriving this year will have a 5G network.

After a long history with LED panels, the iPhone 12 models will allegedly feature OLED displays.

iPhone 12: Expected Release Date

Given the Apple’s supply chain is largely based in China, the pandemic has had a pronounced effect on its operations. The pandemic supposedly resulted in quite some many delays in the development of iPhone 12.

We are still hopeful that Apple will maintain the September product launch event. But the real question here is whether the iPhone 12 devices will be made available in stores in September of later during the year.

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