iPhone Scam Alert! Fake Money Being Used to Buy iPhones From Sellers

iPhone Scam Review

Looking forward to selling your iPhone to a buyer? Beware while you do so as a new scam has recently been spotted in which a number of sellers are actually being trapped. There’s a huge demand for iPhones in the markets and considering that they are pretty expensive to buy, the second-hand or the used phone market is also pretty big. Here’s a closer look at this iPhone scam and what the scammers have been up to so that you can be safe if you plan on selling your iPhone!

iPhone Scammer Alert

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New iPhone Scam: Fake Money Being Used to Buy Used iPhones

Fake money is actually being used by scammers to buy iPhones! This is monopoly money and not real money. Most of these currency notes look like real banknotes but have text written on it which obviously proves that it is fake money. Sometimes, when users get paid in cash, they immediately place it in their wallet without checking the notes properly.

Apple iPhone Scam Alert 2019

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The money that was actually used in this case was ‘movie money’ which is almost exactly a replica of real-life currency notes. However, after a police complaint, it was noticed that it had ‘For Motion Picture Use Only’ written on it and was obviously fake!

How to Stay Safe from This iPhone Scam

Apple iPhone Scam

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The best way to stay safe from this iPhone scam is by checking the currency notes once before you hand over your iPhone to the buyer. Furthermore, an online transfer of funds would be considered a much safer deal than compared to currency notes.

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