Iron Maiden to Sue Ion Maiden

Iron Maiden to Sue Ion Maiden

It’s quite obvious to get confused when one speaks of Iron Maiden. The metal band, Iron Maiden Holdings used the obvious point to sue 3D Realms for their shooting game, Ion Maiden.

Iron Maiden brutally dragged 3D Realms to the court

Iron Maiden to Sue Ion Maiden

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The metal band, Iron Maiden has claimed that the name Ion Maiden fairly baffles consumers and led them to link it with the metal band. Moreover, the logo of the video shooting game is quite similar to the band’s.

They lawsuit stated the video-game to be an “ effort to confuse consumers into believing Defendant’s products and services are affiliated with or approved with Iron Maiden somehow ”. The band filed the lawsuit in California Central District court on May 28.

Furthermore, Iron Maiden has claimed that the video game’s creators have mis-appropriately used identical imitations. They did it to ensure a good customer base for themselves under Iron Maiden’s aging name. Customers are likely to believe affiliation of the two through identical names and steel-cut logos.

Moreover, the lawsuit also affirmed about numerous instances of confusion where the Iron Maiden customers actually believed of strong relations between the two.

3D Realms surely have nothing much to say now

Iron Maiden to Sue Ion Maiden

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The metal band stated the following wonderful examples to signify the on-line naivety of the video-game curators. There have been instances where followers of  band apparently:

  • “…complained about the video-game tricking the customers to believe that it is a part of metal band. ”
  • “…clicked on an on-line thread of Ion Maiden thinking it to be working under Iron Maiden.”
  • “…read official articles about the video game which somehow explained  connections with Iron Maiden.”
  • “…expressed be-wildering excitement over Iron Maiden’s own video game.”

The company has asked for $2 million to reprimand for damages made. They have also warned the gaming group to take down their website. If they will not be able to make up for the damages.

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