Iron Man may return to Fight his rival Mandarin and the Ten Rings


Iron Man 3 got so many positive reviews from the critic. It fails to keep up the name of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some true fans wandereid “how this happened?” The less armoured action by Tony Stark and much vulnerable Iron Man lacked the spice.

The movie yet had one of the best storylines, and the villain ‘Mandarin’ was a strong character of Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. The fans loved the film for the survival techniques of Tony Stark without his suit.

Iron Man may return to Fight his rival Mandarin and the Ten Rings

How the movie Iron Man 3 went down?

The downfall of this movie had one more reason. The Fans did not like the bait scene of Mandarin. The character, Trevor Slattery, played an active role for a terrorist organization head. Later in the movie, He was revealed as an actor working for real Mandarin, which pushed the story a little backward.

Future of Marvel

Kevin Feige, Boss of Marvel Studios, has an idea of carrying forward this plot of Mandarin and 10 rings in future endeavours of Marvel Cinematic Universe. He did not disclose much about it. These details are on Reddit. The 10 rings and The Real Mandarin movie have no confirmation yet. But fans will surely get some thrill.

With Iron Man dead from Avengers: End Game, it seems there will be no rival faceoff for these villains. The fans know that the terrorist organizations faced the wrath of Iron Man after he escaped from their cave. The rivalry between him and Mandarin was showcased in Iron Man 3.

Iron Man may return to Fight his rival Mandarin and the Ten Rings

The other expected projects from Marvel Cinematic Universe might be a film on the characters like Winter Soldier and Falcon. It is a Disney+ series, and Marvel Cinematic Universe might think to bring it on big screen referring to the end scene of Avengers: End Game.

Fans are curious to know many things. If Mandarin comes back, who will be the character to take up the fight? There are many rumours including pepper potts might take up the charge, or Harley may continue the legacy, the kid from Iron Man 3 with the potato gun.

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