IRS Allows to Track COVID-19 Stimulus Check Payments Online

IRS Stimulus Checks

The federal government promised up to $1,200 stimulus checks to the Americans to deal with their payments during the Coronavirus pandemic. For those who haven’t got it already, here’s how you can check the status of your payment directly from IRS’ website.

To ease the pain of every desperate American, IRS has recently come up with a tracking portal. This portal is a tool to track as well as manage the relief payments.

The IRS website- IRS is offering Coronavirus tax relief.

Currently, the IRS is referring to the previous two years to come up with the appropriate tax returns. The 2018-19 figures are guiding them to decide the receiver as well as the amount for stimulus checks.

How will the IRS help the non-filers?

Non-filers can also make use of the new portal.

However, if you have not filed the tax returns or you are a non-filer. Perhaps, due to income below $12,200 or any other reason. You can still make use of the portal. With the help of the portal you can, list your annual income along with the payment information. IRS portal will efficiently allow you to track the current status of your stimulus check payment.

When will this feature appear?

Currently, this feature is not active. But soon it will be up and running. To be exact, IRS informed the tool will be available for Americans by April 17, 2020.

IRS informed the tool will be available for Americans by April 17, 2020.

Other features of the Consumer Portal

The tool will facilitate Americans and display the date of their scheduled payments. Furthermore, it will allow the 2018-19 tax filers to get their respective payment information. This can be done by the addition of the direct deposit details. Users can also add a new mailing address, in cases of change since the previous tax filing.

When will the Americans receive their stimulus checks?

IRS has informed that the first few stimulus checks will be received by several American accounts by the end of this week. Also, the rest should expect their tax returns in the next few weeks.

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