Is Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron Gigi Hadid’s new beau?

Is Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Gigi Hadid’s new beau?

Reportedly the 24-year-old Model Gigi Hadid is pretty serious about the Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron. The predicted couple is all set to take their courtship to the next level, perhaps a second date.

Apparently, Gigi and Tyler were spotted spending time at Brooklyn’s Dumbo House on Sunday eve. The press has revealed, the meet was rather romantic. On the following Monday, the couple was spotted at Frames Bowling Lounge in New York.

Is Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Gigi Hadid’s new beau?

Gigi Hadid on the cover of Vogue.

Gigi is serious about Bachelorette star Tyler

There have been exclusive sources revealing that Gigi is serious about Bachelorette star Tyler. They have been meeting for drinks and dinners for quite a long time. However, the dates have only been friendly and casual. So, all the Gigi and Zayn fans do not lose hope.

The press has been observing that both Gigi and Bachelorette star Tyler are taking things at their own speed. None of them have been really direct but they have made it clear that they are into each other.

A number of sourced have revealed, both the celebrities met on Instagram. It is not difficult to believe as they have a number of mutual friends. Furthermore, both are from the modeling industry which already gave them a common ground.

Reportedly, Gigi Hadid knew Tyler Cameron even before his fame via The Bachelorette. Hadid has had an immense career. But Cameron has been in the limelight from the past few days as well.

Several reports have also claimed that Bachelorette star Tyler has been dating Hannah Brown. In fact, just a few days back, Cameron spent the night in LA at Hannah Brown’s home.

Tyler’s ex Hannah Brown’s reaction

Is Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Gigi Hadid’s new beau?

Tyler Cameron with his ex Hannah Brown.

On Monday, at the press tour by ABC Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, Hannah commented on her supposedly ex’s new relationship. She shared, she has feelings for him but they both are single for now. She shared, they both want to keep their options open. In fact, she also justified the night the former couple met.

She said, “The night was rather low key than it appeared to the fans. We just hung out and talked.”

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