Is Patrick Mahomes a Lost Cause? What does the Chiefs needs to Make a Comeback in NFL 2019?

Patrick Mahomes Lost Cause

Patrick Mahomes is still the best starter in the 2019 NFL season and yet the Kansas City Chiefs lost their last two games. In fact, Mahomes is performing better than his MVP year but it is not converting into victories for the Chiefs. Where does the problem lie then, with the quarterback, with the offense or defense or the team management is responsible?

There is no concrete answer as it involves a lot of factors but one thing is certain that NFL teams have found a weakness of Mahomes and the Chiefs are suffering. If the same continues for a few more weeks, Kansas City can forget about beating Patriots in the AFC Championship. The Chiefs have to utilize Patrick Mahomes in an efficient way and improve their defense to make a comeback in the NFL 2019 season.

Teams are Keeping Ball away from Mahomes

Teams are Keeping Ball away from Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes made 50 touchdown passes in NFL 2019 season and was awarded as MVP in his first year with the Chiefs as a starter. Even in the six games, he played in this NFL season, Mahomes has rushed for 2,104 passing yards with 14 touchdown passes and is only behind Matt Ryan from Falcons.

Yet the Chiefs somehow lost the last two games against the Colts and the Texans. The reason is very simple, the opposite teams are keeping the ball away from Patrick Mahomes. The Houston Texans had the ball for 39:48 (mm: ss) while Kansas City had only for 20:12 time duration. Even in the game against the Colts, the Chiefs had the ball only for 22:45 which makes it so difficult for Mahomes to make a difference.

Chiefs needs to Improve their Defense

Chiefs needs to Improve their Defense

The reason why the Chiefs lost two games in a row is their poor defense which is unable to stop the opposing teams from scoring. The Chiefs have given up 5.2 yards per carry in this NFL season, which is just 0.1 better than the Bengals who are the worst at 5.3 yards average.

Kansas City has tried everything they can to improve their defense, they even replaced Bob Sutton with Steve Spagnuolo (Giants defensive who made them beat the Patriots in Super Bowl) and yet nothing is working. The offensive line of Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes can’t do everything and the defensive players have to step up if they want to keep the Super Bowl dreams alive.

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