Is Russell Westbrook a bane for Thunder despite heroics ?

Is Westbrook a bane for Thunder despite heroics ?

Russell Westbrook is undoubtedly an invaluable asset for Oklahoma City Thunder right now. But their’s a major problem accompanying him. Russell Westbrook just can’t seem to rub off any sort of positive energy on his Star counterparts. He seems to have an adverse affect perhaps.

Oklahoma as a result has lost the 2nd superstar in 3 years. After just one year from signing a 4 year deal with Thunder, Paul George asked the franchise for a transfer. That after his career best season. There’s something to be read between the lines indeed.

Russell Westbrook alone again as Paul George moves to Clippers

Thunder have agreed to George’s request just one year after clinching him $137m. George had a stunning season with Oklahama as he reached the MVP final round in 2019. He was also named in the All NBA team. His average was 28 points per game along with 8.1 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game. These numbers tell a different story.

George will now team up with Kawhi Leonard at Clippers. In fact George’s signing is said to be on Leonard’s demand to play alongside a superstar at Clippers. Did George really want to play with Leonard or Clippers. Or he realized now what Durant did 3 years ago ?

The Westbrook headache

Russell Westbrook is far from a headache on the field. He in fact, is the hero you would want to see on the court. He is an eight time all star and was named the MVP in 2017.

The 30-year Russell Westbrook is at the peak of his powers and can single handedly change the complexion of the games. The problem lies in his attitude towards his counterpart star.

Is Westbrook a bane for Thunder despite heroics ?

Co-ordination problem ? Westbrook needs to mend his ways. Image : Getty

Russell Westbrook makes a lot of assists but is always looking to grab the limelight. He is always on the lookout of becoming the hero, thus neglecting those around him.

Russell Westbrook was involved in a controversy with James Harden and then ignited Durant’s exit. George is probably another victim of his sorry ways.

Westbrook and Durant jawing at eachother, go head-to-head – ESPN from nba

Durant left Thunder in 2015-16 and despite Westbrook’s heroics are yet to advance from the playoffs. Russell Westbrook has to mend his ways if Thunder are to be back in contention for a second round spot. He can’t do everything alone. But he doesn’t seem to do everything whilst teaming up either.

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