Is this iOS App spying on you, how vulnerable is your data to hackers?

IOS App that Spies on you and other News
Know how iOS spies on you.

Hackers have been trying to direct users to download an iOS app called Exodus, in Apple devices for spying on you.

This app is actually a malware that could enter into your device and steal your data. The app gets access to various technical and personal information of your devices like your photos, videos, your device ID, and contacts.

The malware also tracks the user’s location and can also listen to their conversations using a microphone.

IOS App that Spies on you and other News.

iOS Application Spying on customers.

This is a matter of concern for users using Apple devices.

The existence of such malware depicts that device security needs to be more improvised.


Well, it might sound a bit funny but yes it’s true that scientist will be using robots for saving the Rhinos from extinction.

A species of Rhinos called Northen white Rhinos is on the verge of extinction.

There are only two female Northan White Rhinos remaining on Earth. And now scientists have thought that these species can be saved by using a snake-like artificial insemination bot.

iOS Application Spying on customers.


Furniture company Ikea and Sonos a company that produces a variety of smart speakers have joined hands with each other a smart speaker-furniture. The partnership starts with a bookshelf-speaker combo that costs around 99$ and can carry up to 6.6 pounds.

This is the cheapest Sonos audio product that is available for you. The company will also make a speaker-lamp combo for approximately about 180$.


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