IZ*ONE hits 100 million views with debut ‘La Vie En Rose’

IZ*ONE hits 100 million views with debut La Vie En Rose

Within a year of an official maiden debut, IZ*ONE has risen to prominence by surpassing perfect 100 Million on YouTube with the majestic ‘La Vie En Rose.’

IZ*ONE reaches another YouTube feat

IZ*ONE has reached the YouTube milestone on July 31 at 7 PM KST approximately. Meanwhile, it only took the all girl-group, nine months and only two days to accomplish the dope feat. Dropped initially in fall of 2018, En Rose is group’s first official music video to strike the masterstroke on YouTube.

There’s another quick fact about the twelve membered girl group.
The band IZ*ONE was a sheer effort from, Mnet’s reality survival show, Produce 48; the other member of ‘Produce’ franchise. The band name quite sounds quite unconventional, but it took a lifetime for girls to settle on IZ*ONE finally.

IZ*ONE hits 100 million views with debut La Vie En Rose


The Japanese-South Korean strains trusted netizens with their band’s name, and the fandom finally landed upon IZ*ONE. Meanwhile, IZ is a numerical acronym for number 12, representing the band’s backbone comprising twelve sweet-toned songsters. The asterisk (*) renders an infinite zodiac sign in the astrological calendar.

Timeline of the group’s rise to profound success

The mark symbolizes power, submission, and generosity towards success. Not to mention that ONE here betokens group’s unity, and strength as being ONE despite every trivial indifference.

With a kink to win applauds from every native citizen, IZ*ONE first debuted on October 29, 2018, with extended play, Color*Iz. The extended play, as well as IZ*ONE’s lead single ‘en Rose,’ hosted worldwide fame and international recognition.

The renowned acknowledgment was then followed by a begging #1 position in World Digital Songs and Billboard Album Charts. En Rose debuted at second on South Korea’s ingenious Gaon Album Chart by spurring more than 225,000 unit sales.

The subsequent success later fetched IZ*ONE with New Artist of the Year at several awards carpets.

From Golden Disc Awards to Seoul Music Awards, the debut girl band headlined every award function of the following year.
Congratulations IZ*ONE on group’s daunting triumph.

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